Product Testing Application

Thank you for your interest in the Product Testing Job. Please complete the form below to signup.

    Thank you for your interest in being a Product Tester!

    It should take at most 5-10 minutes to complete the product test reviews. You are paid $20 for each product test completed, and you may keep the product. For instance, if the item is $20, we will deposit $22, including taxes, plus $20 for completing the gig, for a total of $42. I understand this is not a full-time or part-time job, but it is an easy and quick way to make a little on the side and try some beneficial products.

    The products you will be reviewing are various types of products (board games, laptops, tablet pcs, computers, projectors, PD chargers, and so on). If you don’t want to test the products and write a review, please do not fill out this form.

    You are not paid upfront. Funds are placed with a 3rd party escrow company so both parties are protected. Funds are released when the job has been completed. They have to pay you if the job has been completed, so there is no risk.

    Again, there is no risk. If this is a scam, simply return the product and receive your funds back. However, since we are not a scam, if you return the product after reviewing it, you will not be able to participate anymore. We are notified of returns, so we keep a record if you returned the item.

    Please note that you still have to have spent $50 on your Amazon account to qualify to post reviews. That is Amazon’s rule. So, if you are unable to write a review, please do not participate in the Beta Tester program.

    For the scammers and blackmailers, we will not pay you unless the job has been completed. It is easier, quicker, and more profitable to just complete the job.

    Please email with any questions. There is no need to send us an email stating you are interested, as we have your submitted application.

    We are excited to work with you!